Behind the Scenes: Cave Tour and Tasting of Taittinger Champagne

About Champagne-Ardenne, France
We can't imagine visiting the Champagne region of France without taking a winery tour. The region is synonymous with the world's most celebrated - and celebratory - wine: champagne. 
This is where monks discovered how to capture effervescence in a bottle of wine and even today, there's something miraculous about seeing first-hand the process of turning grapes from the vine into champagne. And topping a visit with a tasting, releasing the bubbles trapped under a cork and inhaling and sipping the glorious results.
If there's anything better than a winery tour in Champagne, it's a tour of a family-owned champagne house and meeting the current generation of vintners passionate about their wine, their heritage, and the future. After a private tour of the vast underground cathedral of champagne ageing caves carved deep into the limestone, BestTrip.TV meets Vitalie Taittinger, of the Taittinger house of champagne, you can't miss what she tells us about the best way to experience champagne.
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